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About The Oathsworn Vigil

The Oathsworn Vigil was "officially" formed on the realm Moon Guard on October 11th, 2013 with its members originating from the guild known as Shattered Oath. A formal split was created with the intent to address the many concerns plaguing the community within Shattered Oath in regards to management and guild standards. 

The guild was previously known as "Bad", which was managed by a number of people before it went inactive. It was later salvaged and renamed "The Oathsworn Vigil" to meet our needs on all levels. Like its ancestor guild before it (Bad), and its sister guild (Shattered Oath), The Oathsworn Vigil focuses on embracing all aspects of the game. With a larger emphasis on PvE content (such as raids, dungeons, etc) and Role-Play.

We organize and manage multiple raids several nights throughout the week as well as other events with Role-play nature. All activities provided by the guild are optional, giving our member base the power of choice. 10-man Raid Teams always have a core member base, expected to be prepared when it is a raid night. Back-ups are always welcomed to sign up in case they may be needed.

In Character, The Oathsworn Vigil was born when Ferathir Dawnbreaker was assign to the rank of Sergeant while in Shattered Oath. He revived his ancient group which was called "The Vigil" with a new member based composed of all manner of "Oathsworn" (standard rank in Shattered Oath), thus ultimately renaming the small company "The Oathsworn Vigil." The Oathsworn Vigil was later re-structured as its own guild & faction after it gained enough backing from like-minded individuals within Shattered Oath as to how to handle the threats Azeroth has to bear. While they are generally on common grounds, The Oathsworn Vigil focuses more on the "true" dangers that would otherwise wipe out the entirety of Azeroth, and not just petty racial wars.

Out of character, our guild is filled with a large selection of personalities that are inately kind and helpful, as well as skilled. We encourage everyone to be heard and thus welcome suggestions, self-made events and activities or anything of the sort from our member base. In here, you aren't just another number. And we aren't just saying that!

Our goal is simple. To provide a fun and TRULY casual environment from all fronts and create a memorable experience for you while you remain a part of the Vigil. Good company, skilled players and an overall friendly environment that'll make you want to get involved.

Here in the Oathsworn Vigil, you are a part of a family. And as such, you will not find "inner circles" or feel "out of the loop." You are one of us and we take care of our own.

We aim to become the very foundation of what it means to be a great guild. And we want YOU to be a part of it!



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