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re: Legion's March - Part One: Landing Party - 10-5



With supplies now in order, the Oathsworn Vigil arrives to the designated meeting place for their transport to Dalaran. They are met with another group of travelers seeking passage to the floating city above the Broken Isles.

Archmage Belinda greeted the groups with a courteous bow and a wave of the hand. "Ah, good, you all made it. At least I think it's all of you. I am Archmage Belinda of the Kirin Tor. We'll be quick about this."

Archmage Belinda: Who speaks for the groups here? There's two, hm?

Renkhu Boulderfist offered a strong salute as he stepped forward on the right-hand side. "I, Renkhu Boulderfist."

Kelivara Nor'alestra looked over to the other group with some curiosity. "And I, Kelivara Nor'alestra, speak for the Vigil."

Archmage Belinda: The portal is being readied as we speak. It won't be long now. Might as well get acquainted momentarily while my mages work.

Alathariel Dawnbreaker didn't seem to care much for the idea of getting to know anyone. After all, that is not what they were there for.

Jin'zenobia: Who dey be? I didn't know we were goin' with anotha group.

Alathariel Dawnbreaker shrugged. "I don't know. I don't care. So long as the mission does not become compromised or delayed. That is all that matters."

Tahune raised his hand. "Where is this portal going?"

Alathariel Dawnbreaker scoffed. "Dalaran, Tauren..."

Zykri remains silent in the back of the group, eyeing both the Mages and the other group. Kirin Tor weren't known for their...acceptance of Warlocks and she didn't feel the need to draw unnecessary attention.

Mardu Lonkhali glanced over at the Vigil and rolled her shoulders. "Who are these guys, Renkhu?"

J'ala Surestep: I don't know, Mardu, but I think I like them.

Illiyana Ath'aldy just waved with an obvious lack of enthusiasm as her "introduction."

Albatross stood straight and tightened his gauntlets. "The portal has been checked, yes? It won't lead to some crater in the middle of nowhere?"

Archmage Belinda clapped for the attention of both groups as the portal was summoned and rested in the air, flickering with images of Dalaran. "Now, I'm sure you're familiar enough with portals. Keep all your belongings and limbs of importance in the portal at all times, yada, yada..."

Alathariel Dawnbreaker raised a skeptical eyebrow. "Right..."

Shen Frostlotus chuckled heartily. "Sure thing."

Kelivara Nor'alestra: So, are we ready to go, then?

Alathariel Dawnbreaker turned to Kelivara and nodded. "Yes."

Archmage Belinda nodded. "You may start passing through as soon as you're ready. Your supplies will follow."

Kelivara Nor'alestra gestured at the portal. "I suppose we ought to get going, then."

Alathariel Dawnbreaker seemed skeptical. "Wait... Perhaps one of us should ensure the supplies are in fact behind us.."

Byrtas Ironclaw shrugged passively, remaining silent.

Kelivara Nor'alestra: That can be arranged. The last of us will make sure of that fact.

Alathariel Dawnbreaker: Very well. Then I offer to remain.

Jin'zenobia: I can help with de supplies too. We'll make sure dey get across safe.

Alathariel Dawnbreaker nodded at Jin'zenobia. "Fine."

Kelivara Nor'alestra looked over at the portal again. "Well, then the rest of us, let us go."

Albatross Stratustorm didn't seem too big a fan of said portal, but headed on over regardless.

Tahune: Should I grab another crate?

Alathariel Dawnbreaker groaned at Tahune, but it was clear she didn't mind too much. Not in comparison to the other Tauren, Rakeon, who seemed to have loose lips asking to be removed.

Zykri fell in to step behind the rest of the Vigil's line-up, grouping in with the others as they prepared to be teleported.

The members of both groups stepped through the portal, arriving in Krasus' Landing. The Vigil's first wave was met quickly by the second with supplies in tow.

The scene was eerily silent -- entirely devoid of other entities. It was just the Vigil and the second party.

Mardu Lonkhali: What is this?

Tahune checked the status of the slightly battered crate he'd been carrying around. "Well it seems we've made it in one piece"

Alathariel Dawnbreaker looked around cautiously. Her arms were tense. "Yes. So it seems..."

Illiyana Ath'aldy glanced around curiously.. "Well... we made it... crates and all.." Her tone seemed unsure.

Jin'zenobia: I got a bad feelin'. Dalaran ain't dis quiet.

Tahune: Where did the mages go?

Byrtas Ironclaw cleared his throat, his voice gruff but wary. "The doorway inside the city is shut off."

Kelivara Nor'alestra looked over to confirm this fact and turned around. "The portal is still here. It is... dark."

Alathariel Dawnbreaker turned to Kelivara. "What is going on here?"

Tahune inspected the portal. "Did the mages get stuck inside?"

Zykri stepped to the back of the group as she spoke quietly, "Should have known not to trust Mages." After she spoke, she began a summoning incantation. After a few seconds of summoning a Felhound springs forth, beginning to prowl around searching for magic. "Let's see what it finds."

Shen Frostlotus shivered. "This doesn't feel right at all, I feel like--"

As the Pandaren mage approached the portal, it rippled, sending waves through the air.

The scene around them began to shimmer, and then darken.

Kelivara Nor'alestra twisted around as the daylight gave way to darkness. "What is the meaning of this?"

Alathariel Dawnbreaker became increasingly and visibly upset. She drew her warglaives and looked around, wanting answers.

Albatross Stratustorm grumbled under his breath. "An illusion... What are you hiding?"

The area around them suddenly plunged into total darkness, the ground beneath them seeming to transform in the same instance. A chilling breeze blew through the groups as they were transported elsewhere.

J'ala Surestep: Gah--

Illiyana Ath'aldy clicked her tongue. She wasn't amused. Steadily, she drew her glaives.

The Vigil found itself transported together, but the other group was absent -- likely somewhere else in the area. Sounds could be heard from numerous angles, ranging from footsteps to voices.

Alathariel Dawnbreaker: Where is that other group?

Kelivara Nor'alestra squinted, trying to look off into the distance. "Where on Azeroth are we?"

Albatross Stratustorm: Either Dalaran has lost its luster, or those mages have faulty teleportation to answer for.

Jin'zenobia: We lost dem, but we lost de supplies too.

Alathariel Dawnbreaker sniffed the air. "This is certainly not Dalaran. Smells of fel."

Illiyana Ath'aldy furrowed her brows as she tried to distinguish the sounds around them, and how close or far each one may be.

Tahune held up the box to look at the bottom. "Is the box haunted?"

Zykri gestured for her Felstalker to resume its hunt, trying to seek out any sources of magic in the area. While the demon did its work she remained quiet, trying to make out the sounds around them.

Kelivara Nor'alestra nodded at Alatheriel. "This feels terribly off. Something went wrong here, but we can not simply stand here and wait for something to find us like this. We should move."

Alathariel Dawnbreaker nodded. "Now you're talking. Only the prey wait. It is clear those mages were not of the Kirin Tor. And we've fallen into a trap."

Tahune: rolling 1d20
= 11

Albatross Stratustorm: rolling 1d20
= 17

Alathariel Dawnbreaker: rolling 1d20
= 17

Zykri: rolling 1d20
= 8

Kelivara Nor'alestra: rolling 1d20
= 19

Illiyana Ath'aldy: rolling 1d20
= 12

Alathariel, Albatross, and Kelivara hear loud footsteps and the sound of tumbling stones on the rock face to their eastern side. Kelivara made note that there was a path directly to their north.

Alathariel Dawnbreaker snorted. "We're not alone in this place. Watch yourselves, and stay close. If something approaches, at least we will be safer as a whole."

Kelivara Nor'alestra gazed off in the direction to the north of the group. "There is a pathway leading east just over this way. Do we want to meet what may be up there?"

Alathariel Dawnbreaker nodded. "As one."

Albatross Stratustorm nodded. "Just be careful in your approach for enemies."

Zykri used her connection with the Felstalker to have it circle around at a distance so as to not be visible with the rest of the group. Meanwhile she nodded at those speaking, falling in line behind them as she watched their backs.

Through careful steps, the Vigil moved up the path ascending the nearby incline. The path came to a dead end, but with it was a small stack of crates and a member of the second party.

Alathariel Dawnbreaker looked on ahead. "Well, well..." She tried to discern if the lost one was a friend or foe.

Mardu Lonkhali stood facing away from the approaching Vigil, but turned swiftly on her heels, drawing an arrow and nocking it in her bow, preparing to defend herself. She lowered the weapon as she recognized the faces.

Alathariel Dawnbreaker looked past the stranger. "And our supplies..."

Mardu Lonkhali: Do any of you know what the hell happened back there? Where is everyone else?

Alathariel Dawnbreaker shook her head. "Likely a trap. As for your friends, probably dead. Or scattered."

Albatross Stratustorm thought he was blunt.

Kelivara Nor'alestra narrowed her eyes at the orc, shaking her head. "We ought to see if we can find the others, then. Someone take this crate. I am sure we will find more of them here."

Alathariel Dawnbreaker groaned. "I really hope we don't have to use these supplies HERE..."

Jin'zenobia: I don't want ta' be here that long...

Tahune perks up a bit after hearing the word crate. "Did we find more supplies?"

Illiyana Ath'aldy just shook her head.

Alathariel Dawnbreaker shook her head. "..."

Alathariel Dawnbreaker: Yes, Tauren, more supplies. Come. Use that enormous body and burden their weight.

Kelivara Nor'alestra: We need to move on. Who knows what could be lurking here. There will be strength in numbers.

Zykri kept her head on a swivel as she watched the area behind the group. Seeing the initial section was a false alarm she motioned the Felstalker to move out behind them.

Kelivara Nor'alestra walked back out to the path, gesturing for the others to follow.

Back on the path, two options lay before the Vigil: continue west on the path, or north into a small clearing.

Alathariel Dawnbreaker lowered her voice as she spoke to Kelivara. "Are we really going to look for their party?"

Kelivara Nor'alestra: We are also looking for our supplies -- which seem to be here as well.

Alathariel Dawnbreaker sighed. "Very well. Then perhaps..."

Tahune stacks two crates on top of each other and picks them up after shoving his crate under one of his arms.

Alathariel Dawnbreaker: Hm... too much on edge... but we may as well cover as much ground as possible. Where do you want to go?

Tahune walked slowly behind the group so as to not drop any of the crates.

Albatross Stratustorm turned his head back and looks to Tahune. "Need any help with those?"

Tahune: uhm.. I'll be fine, just make sure you're making noise so I can follow you.

Kelivara Nor'alestra: Can you see anything in either direction, Alathariel?

Alathariel Dawnbreaker turned to the north and tried to discern any hidden truths therein.

Alathariel Dawnbreaker tried to focus. "I'll try and check the north..."

Alathariel Dawnbreaker: rolling 1d20
= 16

Alathariel sees a number of felspinners skitter away from within the northern clearing.

Alathariel Dawnbreaker activated her spectral sight successfully. "Yes... some felspinners... They seem to be moving away. Could be going 'home.'"

Kelivara Nor'alestra nodded. "Home, you say. Would it be wiser to carry along the path, or to assume that they have gone?"

Alathariel Dawnbreaker: Well... I don't detect this one's party members... but our supplies could be there... It may be a risk. But one I defer to you.

Kelivara Nor'alestra glanced over to the north. It was still rather dark in that direction, but she began to make out forms of the scenery. "We will go to the clearing. Stay vigilant."

Alathariel Dawnbreaker nodded. "Very well."

Alathariel Dawnbreaker gasped in excitement. Perhaps the most excitement to ever come from the Demon Hunter. "There!"

Kelivara Nor'alestra entered the clearing with caution, which did not waver even as Alathariel made her exclamation. "More supplies of ours. Good."

Alathariel Dawnbreaker seemed to think aloud. "Odd... just... sitting there..."

Mardu Lonkhali: That's how I found the ones back that way.

Alathariel Dawnbreaker: With nothing to contest them with?

Jin'zenobia: Dey must'a just been scattered around, like your group.

Mardu Lonkhali: There was nothing guardin' em or anything.

Tahune peeked his head over the stack of boxes he's holding and attempted a shrug. "I think I could carry more but I wouldn't be able to see."

Mardu Lonkhali: That's why I was so jumpy when you all showed up. I was sure it was something coming to fight me for them.

Alathariel Dawnbreaker: We're not here on mistake... Rest assured. This is likely a trap in itself.

Alathariel Dawnbreaker mockingly said. "Here, have your boxes back for free! No problem! Oh, wait! Juuuuust kidding!"

Albatross Stratustorm pointed his sword a bit at the boxes. "Can't a demon hunter use their demon eyes to see if there is anything trapping them? Or is that not how that works."

Alathariel Dawnbreaker turned around. "I've already used my sight. T'is how we're here in the first place. Nothing was around of any threat-- here."

Zykri peered down at the clearing as if debating for a moment before giving a slight wave of her hand, her Felstalker being released from its duty. Instead she began a new incantation. After a moment or two, a couple of Imps sprang forth from a small rift, hopping around the nearby rocks. "Best to have something in case we're attacked from range."

Alathariel Dawnbreaker: Let that tauren pass on over here. He can carry more of these boxes...

Kelivara Nor'alestra nodded. "We will take these as well and carry on. I know we had more before we left."

Alathariel Dawnbreaker: Indeed. I am afraid he won't be able to carry the rest that we find, however. Maybe for saving them, this other party can shoulder the burden.

Kelivara Nor'alestra: We have enough of us here to manage carrying more supplies, other party included. It shall be done.

Mardu Lonkhali: Here's to hopin' the others are still kicking.

Tahune set down the stack and stacked another two on top of them before picking the stack back up. " I don't think it's wise for me to carry any more of these..."

Alathariel Dawnbreaker: Tch... I suppose it is too much to ask... Maybe you can do some of that shapeshifting. Anyone got some rope?

Albatross Stratustorm looks to the poor boxy bull. "My offer still stands."

Alathariel Dawnbreaker snickered.

The clearing now gave three options to the wandering Vigil. Openings to the north and to the west would take them to newer ventures, while the southern opening would bring them back to their path.

Alathariel Dawnbreaker looked around. "Time to choose. But I'm not going to be the one to take a leap again. My eyes need rest."

In the distance, a low groan could be heard. [Perception rolls to discern direction of origin.]

Tahune: rolling 1d20
= 1

Kelivara Nor'alestra: rolling 1d20
= 17

Albatross Stratustorm: rolling 1d20
= 4

Alathariel Dawnbreaker: rolling 1d20
= 10


Jin'zenobia: rolling 1d20
= 4

Zykri: rolling 1d20
= 1

Mardu Lonkhali: rolling 1d20
= 3

Kelivara Nor'alestra turned toward the northern opening. "Did anyone else hear that?"

Alathariel Dawnbreaker looked around. "Yes... but I cannot pinpoint where it comes from..."

Kelivara Nor'alestra squinted, attempting to peer over the stone face nearby. "I am almost sure that it came from that direction." She gestured to the northeast.

Alathariel Dawnbreaker: Well... what was it?

Kelivara Nor'alestra: Some kind of groan. It may be one of the others.

Tahune tried to look past the massive stack of boxes to see what the commotion is.

Alathariel Dawnbreaker: "Could..."

Kelivara Nor'alestra: We might as well go have a look.

Jin'zenobia strode over to the path leading up from the opening. "If there be someone groanin', it could mean dey are hurt."

Zykri ordered the two Imps to take up flanking positions around the group so they could attack from either side. After doing so she took position behind the group once more, watching for any ambushes from behind.

The groaning grew louder as they approached the rise, a low, rough sound. However, upon first reaching the top, only a stack of crates would be seen.

Kelivara Nor'alestra: Well, more luck for us, I see.

Alathariel Dawnbreaker: It certainly seems that way...

Kelivara Nor'alestra: It does not look like there is much to see here. Someone take the crates and let us move on. It cannot be Tahune at this point -- he is far too overburdened.

Alathariel Dawnbreaker: If I take them, it'll hinder my ability to fight. Unless I drop them immediately upon combat... your call.

Kelivara Nor'alestra: Well, I am sure we have others who may wish to take them in your stead.

Kelivara Nor'alestra looked over at Albatross.

Albatross Stratustorm held a hand up. "I've got this."

As Albatross lifted the crate, a loud groan left the bottom of the pile as a familiar tauren was revealed beneath it.

Kelivara Nor'alestra turned to look over as the loud groan sounded, looking surprised at seeing such a large figure emerge. "One of yours?"

Mardu Lonkhali ran up the path to see Byrtas on the ground, slowly rising. "Sure is."

Byrtas Ironclaw: Ungh... What happened?

Zykri glanced back to the commotion around the ledge, shaking her head. "Seems not all Tauren are good with boxes." With that, she motioned for the Imps to follow her as she went up to check the opposite path.

Alathariel Dawnbreaker: These people are everywhere... Some even wounded... what an inconvenience.

As Zykri moved up the other path, she was quickly met with a loud yell and the sound of pounding footsteps.

Zykri stepped back as she saw the charging orc. "Hold, Orc!" As she spoke, the Imps moved to surround him, their little hands glowing with prepared fel bolts.

Tahune spun around and waddled closer to the commotion to better hear what was happening.

Renkhu Boulderfist ran full charge in Zykri's direction, weapon raised, thrown off course only by the imps which now surrounded him. He came to a dead halt, gripping his sword as though he was disappointed Zykri was not an enemy to cleave through.

Zykri shook her head in relief at the orc pausing his charge in time. After she took a moment to collect herself she called out, "found another one!"

Kelivara Nor'alestra ran up to the new commotion, knowing well that most orcish battle shouts don't end too well for the receiving party. "What is -- oh. Good."

Tahune: More boxes?

Zykri: "Those too."

Mardu Lonkhali: Renkhu, you ought to be more careful with who you try to blind cleave.

Renkhu Boulderfist spat on the ground. "Nah."

Jin'zenobia put Byrtas' arm over her shoulder and walked him over to the group, making quips about potions and healing. She rubbed a green salve of questionable composition over some of his scrapes. "That'll patch ya up, real quick."

Byrtas Ironclaw waved away Jin'zenobia's aid. "I am fine -- I was just disoriented."

Kelivara Nor'alestra: That makes three found of your group.


Kelivara Nor'alestra: Who will carry this crate here? I suppose I could take on the burden.

Renkhu Boulderfist: Don't bother. I'll take it for you. You look like a twig anyway, and I tried to cleave the other one. You're welcome.

Tahune: Be careful with the boxes, don't want to damage the supplies!

Renkhu Boulderfist squinted at Tahune. "Yeah. Yeah, sure."

Zykri looked around as the initial commotion died down, finally setting her gaze on Alathariel. Using the rest of what was going on as a distraction she moved past the others, motioning for her to follow to the back of the group.

Alathariel Dawnbreaker sighed as she trailed behind Zykri. "Hm."

Zykri spoke quietly with the Demon Hunter, "Does something seem off to you about our group all being teleported together, but the other party being so individually with a bunch of boxes we haven't checked?"

Alathariel Dawnbreaker picked at her ear as she spoke to Zykri. "You mean like the possibility of them not being who they appear?"

Zykri nodded slightly. "Either that, or having something to do with why the teleport went awry. Something's definitely not right here."

Renkhu Boulderfist looked over the Vigil, as though evaluating them. "So, what, are we just going to stand here? What's the plan? I got your box."

Tahune: We should probably get moving... these boxes are rather heavy.

Alathariel Dawnbreaker continued on picking her ear. "Yeah. I considered it. But if anything was to be a set-up by them, they would've made their move in that fake Dalaran. Instead of here."

Zykri shrugged slightly. "Possibly, things didn't go according to plan. Either way, I don't want to rule out anything as of yet."


Alathariel Dawnbreaker: Well. I could just spectral sight them. If they are demons, I'll know.

Zykri: Worth a shot. But they could also either be collaborators, or have an agenda other than that of the Legion variety. We did have a bunch of supplies and all.

Alathariel Dawnbreaker smiled knowingly. "Now you see why I haven't bothered. We'll know soon enough."

Zykri nodded once again. "I figured, but wanted to make sure at least someone else was on the same page. For now I'm going to keep a look out, as before."

The stone hills frequently rolled with the sounds of tumbling stones and chittering of small creatures.

Mardu Lonkhali tampered with her bow briefly, giving the string a light tug and nodding. "I keep hearing things. Are you guys sure it's just us right here?"

Kelivara Nor'alestra gestured at poor Tahune. "We should be moving. I do not like what I am hearing."

Alathariel Dawnbreaker looked around and spotted Kelivara. "Where to, then?"

Zykri turned to glance at her Imps, chuckling slightly at them both jumping around on the rocks looking bored. She waved down the path to the west, having them take up a vantage point.

Renkhu Boulderfist: Enough standing around. Having whisper parties? Let's go.

Alathariel Dawnbreaker: If you're so eager to go, orc, then go. Alone. Or with your broken party. Otherwise, shut up, and wait.

Where will the Vigil proceed: to the west, or return to the southern path?

Kelivara Nor'alestra shook her head at the orc. "We can return to our old path, back that way."

Mardu Lonkhali whispered low to the orc, "Renkhu, what has gotten into you?"

Alathariel Dawnbreaker tsked and walked ahead to the path they arrived at.

Down the path lay another, smaller, clearing. At its center lay another stack of crates, neatly arranged.

Kelivara Nor'alestra: Well, none of the other boxes were propped up so nicely, were they?

Alathariel Dawnbreaker: Could be something. Could be nothing.

Zykri beckoned her Imps back to her side as they departed from the prior area, walking quietly down the path as the rest discussed what lay ahead.

Kelivara Nor'alestra stepped forward to examine the boxes, rather cautious but still firm in her action.

From the shadows, a figure appears and takes Kelivara by the throat, a short blade meeting her neck.

J'ala Surestep stopped and looked down at the elf in front of her, and cracked a laugh. "Oh, just you. Silly me."

Alathariel Dawnbreaker: ... Cautious yet caught off guard.

Alathariel Dawnbreaker tapped the side of her head, pointing at her eyes. "Ask, next time."

Kelivara Nor'alestra recoiled against her grip, which came off rather easily now that the rogue wasn't interested in slicing through her throat. She shot the troll a glare, which was met only with further laughter.

J'ala Surestep: Don't blame her! I have a thing for moving quietly, ya know.

Albatross was sure to stand there and give rather unhappy looks to J'ala from behind his crates.

Alathariel Dawnbreaker smiled. "Unless you are dead, my eyes will see you. Even in the shadows." She then turned to Kelivara and waited.

Kelivara Nor'alestra hauled the crate into her arms with one last glare at J'ala. "On to the next place."

Alathariel Dawnbreaker: Right, then.

J'ala Surestep: I'm thinkin' you should go around this little ledge here... Just a friendly tip after trying to go for your throat, sweetheart. I did some sneaking around after being thrown in here.

Jin'zenobia leaned back on her heels. "Well, we gotta go somewhere."

Tahune: Did we find any more supplies?

Alathariel Dawnbreaker: Yes. And she is carrying them.

Kelivara Nor'alestra: One more box.

Kelivara Nor'alestra turned to J'ala. "All right, so where did you suggest we go?"

J'ala Surestep cocked her head over to the northwest. "Saw a path up that way. Well, path is used loosely here. More of a kinda flat area to walk through. Anyway, seems the best bet for ya."

The sharp tumble of rocks sounded by the mentioned area of the path, easily discernible by all present -- it was likely that were was someone moving along the path already.

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