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re: Legion's March - Part Two: Reunions - 10-11



Kelivara Nor'alestra: Well, what are we waiting for?

Alathariel Dawnbreaker motioned mockingly. "Following the leader, of course."

Kelivara Nor'alestra squinted in Alathariel's direction before turning on her heel to face J'ala. "This way, hm?" She wondered out loud, looking ahead to see the way.

Alathariel Dawnbreaker grew impatient and moved in the western direction. "Those crates won't find themselves. And the way out won't just appear."

Tahune attempted another shrug then moved forward following behind Kelivara.

J'ala Surestep: Dis way, then, sweethearts.

Alathariel Dawnbreaker tsked as she turned around to follow the group, intentionally remaining behind.

Albatross followed suit, all too unamused with this cave.

The path was quiet and empty as the rest, though the vague sounds of another presence were evident as the group progressed along it. Further down, the stone path began to show in green light, accompanied with the sound of bubbling liquid.

Alathariel Dawnbreaker sniffed the air. "Fel sludge? Those imp mothers love to nest in those..."

Albatross Stratustorm frowned. "Just when you think your surroundings are well enough, they're corrupted with fel stench."

Kelivara Nor'alestra strode forward, sure to maintain a fair distance between herself and the fel sludge. "Ugh. It looks like a big enough pool here."

Alathariel Dawnbreaker jumped over the group and glided, landing near the pool. "A dead end?"

Tahune: Ooh, whats fel sludge?

Alathariel Dawnbreaker: Fel Sludge is the last thing you want to land in.

Mardu Lonkhali: That looks like... steps? Up ahead...

Alathariel Dawnbreaker turned and looked north.

Byrtas Ironclaw snorted loudly. "I think you're right. But what's up there?"

Kelivara Nor'alestra: I suppose we will find out as soon as we go up.

Albatross Stratustorm started walking forward. "Keep your distance, for certain. The corruption of the fel seeps even through the ground that it rests upon."

Renkhu Boulderfist: Looks pretty nasty. Don't fall in, now. Would be a shame.

Jin'zenobia: We're gonna go up 'dere and see if we find anything right? Gotta be ready for anything, I think.

Alathariel Dawnbreaker: I suppose we can see if my sight picks up anything...

Alathariel Dawnbreaker attempts to expose the unseen...

Alathariel Dawnbreaker: rolling 1d20


= 6

Alathariel Dawnbreaker had a fly get on her eye. "Ugh..."

Alathariel, in the brief gaze up the rise caught little more than what the untrained eye could see -- though some vague movement was detected.

Alathariel Dawnbreaker: There's something there... but I cannot discern what it is. Could be friend. Could be foe.

Kelivara Nor'alestra nodded. "We ought to tread carefully, then." She motioned for the others to continue up with her.

From the top of the rise, much of the lower plain could be seen, despite a fair amount of darkness clouding most of its features. Ahead lay another familiar figure.

Shen Frostlotus fiddled with his tome, tapping his wand to an open page a number of times before throwing his hands down in anger. "No! This makes no sense."

Alathariel Dawnbreaker eyed the Pandaren from afar. Her eyebrow raised in question. She turned back to the rest of the group, looking at those of the outside party. "Friend of yours, yes?"


Renkhu Boulderfist walked over to Shen and gave him a rough pat on the shoulder with his free arm. "What's got you riled, M--" He cleared his throat. "Shen?"

Shen Frostlotus: I just don't know how this all happened. None of the magic makes sense. Maybe I should have gone arcane.

Alathariel Dawnbreaker smirked before looking past the two. "Ah... more supply crates..."

Shen Frostlotus: Oh! Yes, I wondered who these belonged to. Who else? Boy, this has been a day.

Albatross Stratustorm: I hope these crates don't contain food supplies, with all of this fel around...

Alathariel Dawnbreaker: Most do not.

One of the crates definitely smelled strongly of rot -- this fact alone gave evidence to suggest that the crate's contents did not agree with the surrounding fel.

Jin'zenobia stepped toward the crate, scrunching her nose and taking a step backward. "Agh, dat be some stench dere. May want to leave dis box where it be sittin'."

Alathariel Dawnbreaker: Shame...

Tahune: But we need to make sure all the supplies make it to "Tallmountain."

Kelivara Nor'alestra: We have no need for tainted provisions. They will do more harm than good.

Tahune eyes the stack of boxes he's carrying. "Why would we bring tainted supplies?"

Kelivara Nor'alestra: They were not tainted when... oh, forget it. Just do not touch the crate. Take the other one. Anyone with a free arm or two.

Alathariel Dawnbreaker didn't see any volunteers. She grunted. "Fine. Fine..."

Alathariel Dawnbreaker took the non-tainted crate effortlessly and then made her way back to the rest of the group.

Tahune: Where do we go now?

J'ala Surestep: I'm not sure. I was only able to scout so much of the area before I joined you all again. I don't think there's much else around here to explore. Are those all of your boxes?

Alathariel Dawnbreaker seemed protective. "Yes."

Kelivara Nor'alestra: It seems that way. Did we have more?

Kelivara Nor'alestra gave a quick count of all of the crates held by the party.

Jin'zenobia: We had ten. De tainted one be de last one.

Albatross Stratustorm: If the boxes are accounted for, I suppose that leaves only ensuring acquaintances are present and finding an escape.

J'ala Surestep subtly pushed Byrtas closer to the group and stood back, as if waiting for something -- a cue or an order perhaps. "Gettin' a bit restless out here," she muttered.

Kelivara Nor'alestra looked over the ledge near the fel sludge pit. "I can make out some paths from afar, but they are much too clouded by the darkness. There is no telling what may lie beyond them -- if anything at all. I do not trust this place.

Shen Frostlotus: You would be right not to, I think.

Mardu Lonkhali: Yeah. There's nothing about this place that feels right. Any idea on how to get out of here Shen? Cryomancer or not, you ought to have some kind of input...

Shen Frostlotus shook his head. "I can usually figure out the way a portal works, but this was a mystery even for me! There's no way we could have just showed up here. Something, or someone, must have...

Alathariel Dawnbreaker: Tch. Stating the obvious. Something was obviously set up. Either by someone here, or by those "mages" of Dalaran.

On the sides of the cliff face sounded with the flapping of broad wings.

Mardu Lonkhali: Someone here? You can't be saying it was someone in the group.

Kelivara Nor'alestra turned to look to the group over her shoulder. "We must always keep our minds open to the possibility."

Tahune: I knew I should have taken the boat...

Alathariel Dawnbreaker: About that boat....

Alathariel Dawnbreaker grunted.

Kelivara Nor'alestra: The boat... right. That means there are other supplies that are not accounted for.

Tahune: I wonder if the mages could teleport a boat...

Albatross Stratustorm: There are some that are rather proficient with the arcane- I wouldn't be surprised if some could.

Renkhu Boulderfist: Mages do a whole bunch'a nonsense. Never trusted 'em. Sorry there, Shen.

Tahune: Well either way I would like to get out of here... these boxes are rather heavy..

Albatross Stratustorm: And this place smells.

The sound of the wings grew louder and seemingly nearer. A dull thud echoed through the plane as something made contact with the outer edge of the cliff face, just out of sight.

Shen Frostlotus glanced over to Renkhu, eyes narrowed and shifty.

Tahune: Did someone fall over?

Kelivara Nor'alestra turned to face the direction of the sound. "What?"

Tahune: Is the last box haunted?

Alathariel Dawnbreaker: ... fel bats.

Jin'zenobia: Dat sounds... bigger den some fel bats.

Albatross Stratustorm drew his sword. "Whatever it is, we should find it before it finds us."

J'ala Surestep only offered a grin to the party.

Tahune looked straight up. "I'll be on the lookout for the uh.. bat thing"

Mardu Lonkhali narrowed her eyes at J'ala. "What are you grinning for? This is dangerous."

J'ala Surestep waggled her brows at Mardu. "Exactly, honey. This just got exciting. Now, what could that be, coming up the ledge?"

Tahune: Is it a ghost?

Renkhu Boulderfist: Definitely some company.

Alathariel Dawnbreaker groaned. "You are all incompetent." Alathariel attempted to use her spectral sight.

Alathariel Dawnbreaker: rolling 1d20


= 13

Beyond the rise of the cliff face, on the side not visible to the groups was a sizeable demon, making a clear effort to approach.

Alathariel Dawnbreaker tisked. "Demon. Large and heading this way. Hey, Tauren. I recommend you set those boxes down..."

Kelivara Nor'alestra looked over to Tahune with a subtle nod, preparing to draw her weapons. "It seems we found our first fight."

Tahune shrugged and set down the pile of boxes making sure to hold onto the smaller box from before.

Alathariel Dawnbreaker set her box aside and began to step forward.

Albatross Stratustorm lowered his boxes and held his sword and shield in hands.

With a guttural yell, the demon leapt from the top of the overarching cliff and into the center of the party, sending any that stood there flying to the outer edge of the rise. Huge wings swept sideways, sending a whipping gust of air into the party.

Tahune looked in terror as the stack of boxes went flying everywhere as he got thrown across the room.

Shen Frostlotus whistled at the demon's entry, surprised.

J'ala Surestep scanned the party with narrowed eyes and a sly grin. "Oh, this will be fun. Very, very fun..."

Albatross Stratustorm lifted his shield up. "Appropriate enough."


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